Prospective members ask a common question, "Tell me why we need a Chamber of Commerce?" That question is usually followed with, "What will the Chamber do for me?"

We are very fortunate to live in the Whitehouse Area. We have so much more to offer than other cities around the area; from our convenient location to the city of Tyler, our superior school system, and our lakes. I see organizations coming together hosting festivals in our parks and on our lakes. I see residents enjoying the community and businesses thriving with activity. A new network of roads will streamline traffic and our lakes will flourish with activity once again. I see the future of Whitehouse, a city full of untapped potential that is begging to be released through your voice and your involvement.

In order to have an attractive, active area in which to live, work, and play, we must have an organization like The Greater Whitehouse Area Chamber of Commerce.

We are a place people turn to when families are transferred to our area. We answer their letters and in the near future, will send out brochures with information about our city, school system, recreational facilities, and anything else that may help them to make a decision to call Whitehouse, home.

We are a place local residents call when they need to know who sells a particular item, or offers a particular service, and a place they call to check out the merchant who has not taken care of a problem properly, or to find out what organization they can contact to report a problem.

We are a place people turn to when they have concerns about a particular traffic problem or a developing nuisance.

We are a place where new industries look to when they want to locate to our area, or one of our present firms needs to expand, we are the place they can turn to for help. We are an important source of information and assistance.

We are the ones that people will look to regarding local festivals, events and other happenings in our area.

We are the organization that will unite the Whitehouse area. Our effort will help create better place to live, work, and play. We are here to help.

We are the experts to the Whitehouse area. We are the Greater Whitehouse Area Chamber of Commerce. Our Mission is “To serve the businesses & organizations of this area and help ensure the prosperity and general well-being of all citizens.” Our Purpose is “To advance the general welfare of the Whitehouse Area.”


The Greater Whitehouse Area Chamber of Commerce

Better Living! Better Working! Better Playing! Better Together!